Dust Mops:  Made to pick up and trap dirt and dust with Infinity Twist Yarn.  Other brooms can scratch floors and scatter dirt, using the dust mop cuts cleaning time down and picks up more than a broom would.

Microfiber Mops:  Easily dusts and cleans any flat surface.  Fringe yard picks up more soil. The Velcro backing makes changing the mop head quick and easy.

Wet Mops:  Our Scepter Banded Wet Mops are made with reinforced polyester headbands and double tail bands for extra durability.  Compared to cotton blended mops, your drying time is cut in half by using a high synthetic blend designed to pick up and hold more water.  These mops are also made with antimicrobial fiber that provides bacterial resistance in healthcare applications.

Microfiber Wet Mops:  ReLintless Banded Microfiber Tube Mops are designed with a unique blend of microfiber to pick up dirt particles for a deep cleaning.  The heavy-duty stands glide smooth over rough and abrasive floors without shedding or leaving lint behind.

Restroom Supplies

Air Fresheners:  Keep any room in your establishment smelling great with one of our air fresheners!

Center Pull-Towels:  Hands-Free dispenser and biodegradable towels for a cleaner and more sanitary use.

Toilet Tissue:  Our jumbo rolls of toilet tissues are also biodegradable and quality soft!

Foam Soap:  We carry a refreshing antibacterial foam soap that kills a broad spectrum of bacteria and yeasts.  Our foam soap also helps to prevent the growth of gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens.

Soy Soap:  Our heaviest duty grit based soy soap is made from soy and walnuts, and is 100% biodegradable.  The formula in our soy soap is very mild yet is strong enough to remove grease, oil, tar and any other stubborn stain while leaving hands clean and the environment safe.

Instant Hand Sanitizer:  Starts working in 15 seconds to kill 99.9% of germs that could cause illness.  While moisturizers leave hands feeling refreshed and soft.

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No upfront inventory costs on any mat we supply!  Clean, dry floors are important to our customers and yours.  From entering with a first impression to safety in the kitchen, our mats are guaranteed to do the job!

Carpet Mats

Our carpet mats come in a variety of colors to go with any décor.  These are also great to help keep dirt and mud from being tracked through the doorway.

Drainage Mats

Oil, water, and grease resistant!  The hold allow moisture to flow through reducing slip and fall potential.  Drainage mas allow employees to feel safe in your work place.


Standing for long periods of time on the job?  OSHA recommends Anti-fatigue mats! These mats decrease discomfort for longer standing times.  The heavy-duty rubber backing insures you don't slip.

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Restroom Mats

The borders on our restroom mats trap liquid to keep floors sanitary and dry, while the raised surface keeps your shoes dry.  These mats are also treated with antimicrobial to control odor-causing bacteria.  The heavy-duty rubber backing keeps the mats in place, to reduce changes of injury.


Tired of replacing dirty towels? Let us supply clean towels for you!  Replacing towels is time consuming and not very cost friendly, our freshly laundered towels are conveniently reusable and we take care of the dirty work so you don't have too.

We carry: Massage Towels, Kitchen Towels, Shop Towels, Bar Towels, Grill Pads